Serial cable for iPAQ h2210


Need a serial cable to connect your iPAQ h22xx (h2210, h2212e or h2215) to your GNU/Linux PC and start playing with the Linux kernel? Having a serial connection is much easier than a USB one in early kernel debugging.

Unfortunately, only an USB cable is supplied with the H22xx.

Fortunately, you have 4 options:

Cradle disassembling instructions

Here's how I disassembled my iPAQ h3970 cradle. Hope this can help you too!

Caution: you could damage your cradle and make it unusable! Of course, doing this may also void the warranty of the cradle you disassembled!

First you have to unscrew the 4 small screws on the back (in the blue circles):

Back screws The screws look like torx ones, but even my smallest torx wrench wasn't small enough.

Fortunately, my neighbour had a very small allen wrench, with a round end, of the below shape:


Good luck! This could be the most tricky part!

Now that you took the screws away, you can easily remove the black sides and get:


Now take the base away:

Now smoothly slide the 2 connectors respectively up and down, to separate them from the base. You never have to use force:

Here's what you get when you're done:

You can now take the connector away from the base:

Remove this part from the base by unclipping it, to get bigger hole in the base:

Don't try to separate the cable and the base by this end. The serial connector can't go through the base. It's too thick:

Instead, move the connector through the base. This is not very easy, but after rotating it several times, you'll find a way to take it through. Again, you never need to use force. Be flexible and patient:

There you go!

And now, here's the expected result: