Michael Opdenacker

Date of birth: January 9th, 1972
Nationality: French and Belgian



Engineering School, University of Grenoble, 1991-1994.
Engineer diploma in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics.
DEA postgraduate diploma in Artificial Intelligence.



Since 2003. Porting Linux on the HP iPAQ H2200 PDA (Intel pxa255)
- One of the main project contributors, drivers and documentation writers.
- First Linux boot on this device (Linux 2.6). Debugging through serial port.
- Set up usb-ethernet networking with PC host. Used for ssh command line access and using an NFS exported directory on the PC as root partition (pivot_root). Makes it easy to update module, program and resource files.
- Participated to internal peripheral drivers development: ASIC companion chip, leds, touchscreen. Still need to work on bluetooth, mmc/sd, bootloader, sound.
- Released reference kernel, initrd and root partition images to project members. Used by other porting projects using Linux 2.6 too.
- Updated handhelds.org module packages and applied mainstream kernel patches to handhelds.org's kernel sources.
- Other contributions to the Handhelds.org community: mailing lists moderation, Opie French translations, user support, documentation, help to similar projects...

Free Software

Since 2000, lots of contributions to the Free Software community. See http://www.google.com/search?q=michael+opdenacker for details.
- 2001-2003, GNU Typist project maintainer. Took care of makefiles (autoconf / automake), translations (gettext), documentation (makeinfo) and releases.
- 2003: author of Minido, a simple yet generic task manager written in GTK2.

Texas Instruments

2000-2003, Wireless Business Unit, Villeneuve Loubet (Nice, France).
Front-line support on chip physical design tools (Synopsys, Magma, internal tools). Migration of design flows and compute farm to Linux servers.


1995-2000 Central R&D, Design Automation Department, Crolles (Grenoble, France). Developed I/O and memory cell generators, as well as cell library validation tools. Trained and supported users in Crolles, Milan and New Delhi.



Very good oral and written practice (3 months in the US), daily professional use.


Pretty good oral and written professional practice (3 months work in Italy).


Good written and oral skills (1 month in Spain).

Portuguese (Brazil)

Pretty good oral and written practice (2 months in Brazil).


Basic oral and written practice with my family in Belgium.

737, av. des Ferrayonnes, 06270 Villeneuve Loubet
, France, +33 621 604 642, michael@opdenacker.org

Updates and French version of this document available on http://opdenacker.org/cv/